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MARK & marjolein

Our adventure started in 2015, on Bonaire.

We met each other in restaurant  At Sea.

Mark worked there as an independent cook and in the same period Marjolein did an internship there during her education at the Hoge Hotelschool.

Our ambitions and  joint  goals made us a perfect combination,  just as  our love at first sight.  

In the period after Bonaire we also spent half a year together on Curaçao, for Marjolein her next internship abroad and Mark also started working in the same restaurant here. With these experiences we can state with confidence that we are a perfect team on the work floor.


Once back in the Netherlands we were immediately  in love with the greenhouse: Orangerie De Pol.

We even moved to the Achterhoek especially for this.

Orangerie De Pol is only open for dinner, but our passion does not stop here either. We are proud to open our new dream at the beginning of 2021: Café De Pol. A lovely place for coffee and lunch. Located next to the Orangerie.

We are also extremely proud of the fact that Marjolein was named JRE hostess of the year in 2020. And Mark JRE Chef of the Year in 2021.  

We now work with an amazing team, we would like to introduce them to you below.

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